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A brief overview… I ♥:
All Things Creative
Over-sized Sweaters with Leggings
Fuzzy Socks
Dance Parties with Toddlers
Singing Loudly to the Radio
Quality Time with Loved Ones

A little more detail:
A Mississippi native, I truly believe that warm sweet tea is the staple to a happy home. Over many sips, Mason Jar in hand, I can definitely confirm that I am a thinker who isn’t afraid of laughing at the most inappropriate times. I enjoy cooking, but not as much as sarcasm.

On the cooking front, I am the product of watching my grandmother, mother, and siblings work their magic in the kitchen. As I ventured into this thing called independence, I realized that my weekly monetary donations to local fast food corporations needed to end. As a result, I decided to give the old fashioned recipes a try. Feel free to borrow one from my many posts. If you like it, pass it on. If not, well…stay classy and stray from gossip.

The Hazel Gennie is a blog inspired by life and named after my amazing & sassy grandmothers, Mattie Hazeltine and Gennie. Drafting ideas for The Hazel Gennie as a little girl, I somehow pushed those aside when I encountered high school, college, and my first professional career. Revisiting my creativity and passions, I decided to dust off my gifts and talents. As a result, the Hazel Gennie is a catch-all blog. Besides, my grandmothers did it all! (Mom too, if I’m keeping tabs.)

In addition to creativity and food posts, you’ll see that I like to give my two cents on other topics. But before you jump in, I want to share a few of my core values.

Core Values:

  1. There is nothing better than your Mama always being there for you.
  2. Making the perfect sweet tea is an art form.
  3. The kitchen is often witness to the creation of delicious signature recipes. Usually those recipes are the ones that are not written down. You know what they say…if a recipe falls from the counter and no one is in the kitchen to hear it, did it really fall from the counter…onto the floor…or…something like that…
  4. Manners are never optional.
  5. Leopard print is a solid, therefore it goes with anything.
  6. Being Christian does not equal being boring. It definitely does not equal an ornery attitude. A relationship with God makes you no better than anyone else. Everyone is in the race together.
  7. No one should ever leave your home hungry.
  8. True vacations equal doing absolutely nothing.
  9. Thank you notes are a necessary component of being gracious.
  10. (And last but not least) People don’t have to be nice. And when they are, they don’t have to be nice to you.

Consider this blog my home. I hope that you leave it feeling full and desiring seconds.

Bless your heart!
Kathy S. Jones ♥

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